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Moi Ostrov Studio is a leading content creation and production service company in Cyprus. With over 350 productions do date we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to produce your campaign, editorial or film.

Cyprus offers an ideal environment for productions of any scale with its easy access and steady climate. 340 days of sunshine per year and a median temperature of 24 degrees Celsius make Cyprus an ideal choice for productions any time of the year

Who We Are

At Moi Ostrov Studios we have a commitment to continuous improvement, constantly raising our own bar. We believe this is the best way to make sure that we will have handled your project in the best possible way.

We believe that preparation is the key to a great production, this is why we continuously run local projects and test different crew members and kit combinations in our own publishing group’s editorial productions, be it video or photos, to make sure that we always have the best tailored and the best prepared team for the job.
We keep our delivery dates and we always have your files backed up for easy access, weather we are our on a project in the French Polynesian islands or in our office in Cyprus we can get you backups of your material for a minimum of 12 months after delivery. Always within 24 hours.





Meet Our Team

Alexander Papacosta
Alexander PapacostaCEO | Producer
Alexander Papacosta, has a long background in advertising, marketing and photography, Alexander crafts the plan of each project and makes sure everything runs smoothly on the set.
Lolita Papacosta
Lolita PapacostaCreative Director | Stylist
Lolia has styled over 15 ad campaigns and 30 fashion editorials as the fashion editor of Moi Otrov Magazine. Working with a wide variety of brands and styles Lolita can take any collection and find the perfect story, model and location.
Masha Salko
Masha SalkoCreative Writer / Styling assistant
Masha is a creative writer and styling assistant at Moi Ostrov Studio. She hold a Master Degree in Social Management as well as a Diploma in Graphic and Interior. Masha also heads our social media management service department.
Stefan Imnielski
Stefan ImnielskiPhotographer
Stefan Imielski is an international fashion photographer, he divides his time between London, Milan, Paris, Athens, Istanbul and New York.
Stefan worked as a model for 10 years before switching positions behind the camera, Stefan has shot for Elle, Grazia, L’Officiel, GQ and several other major fashion publications.

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