At Moi Ostrov Studio we make aerial photography and filming with a range of drones for most applications.

With over 5 Years Experience, and several commercial photography and video projects we are on of the most experienced commercial photography companies in the Cypriot market.

Aerial Photography Fees and Services in and around Cyprus

Moi Ostrov Studio provides comprehensive professional aerial photography and video services including air to ground and air to air photography in Cyprus and overseas.

FEES – 10 Images for 349

We like to keep it simple at Moi Ostrov Studio so we have a standard charge for our aerial photography which is €350 per subject (property, cafe, development, hotel) including 10 final images with a maximum of one hour air time using digital capture. Additional flight time, if required, is billed at €150 per hour.

Images are edited using Adobe Photoshop, assuring perfect brightness, contrast and color balance. If needed, additional Photoshop and creative design work is available at €50 per hour. We can provide jpeg or tiff files.


We offer packages for shooting multiple properties of a development as well as for shooting a developments contraction progress which can be a great asset in updating your clients and prospects on your progress. Please note contraction progress in the comments field in the form below.


We also offer a special Real Estate package that includes aerial, exterior and interior photos of your property, hotel or development. Please ask for a specific proposal.


Moi Ostrov Studio offers our aerial photography customers unrestricted right to use, modify and reproduce aerial images and video for promotion, publication, brochures and web applications.


Our monitors and color management process is calibrated with the European Prepress 3 standards (most commonly used in Europe) this calibration may not match your monitor or output process. As a result final adjustments on brightness, contrast, saturation and color balance may be required for your production system.


We can output images in JPEG, TIF and PDF formats. If a file format is not specified we will use JPEG format. If you need a specific dpi (dot per inch) such as 300dpi please specify at the time the work is commissioned. Video files are provided in MP4 Format


Our digital images are very high resolution 12MP and are capable of representing stunning detail. Perfect quality for A3 print or for outdoor us , good for a 4x3m billboard.


Need the images by Friday? Schedule and weather permitting ASAP services are available at the above fees plus 40%.


Aerial video of a single subject has the same basic cost plus an additional €175 for the extra editing and flight time when delivered in Full High Definition (1080p) or an additional €225 when delivered in 4K Resolution (4 times higher resolution than 1080p)

  • Construction and Engineering
  • Air to Air
  • Residential and commercial real estate
  • Corporate advertising & promotion
  • Insurance and asset loss documentation
  • Municipal and project planning
  • Environmental
  • Editorial

We cover all Cyprus with a Pilot/Photographer in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos we are ready to shoot or film your subject.

We take on international projects on request, being based in Cyprus and have easy access to all of Europe and the Middle East.

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All rates are listed excluding 19% VAT

“Thank you for your very professional photos, It was a true pleasure to work with Petros and the rest of the team and I would definitely recommend you and your flying skills to others looking to sell their homes”
Giannis Ioannou, Home Owner
“Love your photos”
Tom Neville, Latchi Water Sports

We have delivered over 1,000 professional grade photos

Moi Ostrov has the best aerial team in Cyprus for videos or photos and super fast delivery times

  • The #1 Aerial Photography team in Cyprus
  • Top quality equipment including 4K/50fps capable cameras

  • Straight forward and low rates

  • Dropbox Backup of your videos and images

Aerial Photos

  • 10 high res photos

Aerial Video HD

  • 3 min final video

Aerial Video 4K

  • 3 min. final video in 4K