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Alexander Papacosta is the Project Manager at Moi Ostrov Studio, An Experienced Product Photographer and Creative Director of Moi Ostrov Magazine. Alexander's Interest in photography started back in 1998 when he received his first digital camera as a gift which was shortly after put in to use photographing at various exhibitions. Alexander also writes photography and retouch guides in various print and online media.

8 days of productions with Munich based Bela Raba

By |2018-03-28T15:36:07+02:00March 27th, 2018|Studio News|

This last week we have been busy shooting TVC and fashion editorials with Bela Raba and her Munich based team together with the Moi Ostrov and Red Storm film crew Here are some pictures from the recent productions that will roll out soon in Moi Ostrov, Specter, Haya and Runway magazines We discovered two new

The worlds fastest monolight- Profoto D2 Air TTL

By |2018-03-28T15:36:07+02:00October 8th, 2017|Studio News|

Available now, the new impressive D2 monolights with TTL and HSS, 20 flashes per second and 1/63,000 sec flash duration in freeze mode. up to 20 Flashes per second Combine it with BatPac and take it on location for your shoots where performance and recharge times are crucial or use it in studio to unleash your

Profoto B1X

By |2018-03-28T15:36:08+02:00August 30th, 2017|Studio News|

Available for rent now at Moi Ostrov Studio, the new B1X with 3 batteries per head or 1,000 flashes at full power, 500 watts. Profoto calls it the new benchmark for on-location lighting, we call it the ultimate location pack for Cyprus Ideal for on-location photography, the Profoto B1X sets the benchmark once again for

New lightweight 12×12 from Sunbounce

By |2018-07-09T10:15:16+02:00June 23rd, 2017|Studio News|

New in stock in Cyprus - The static, square SUN-SCRIMs from Sunbounce. The sunbounce 12x12 is a 3.6 meter square scrim / butterfly with a - 2/3 stop silk and light aluminium frame. Unlike Mathews scrims and other traditional scrims the sunbounce scrim is lighter and faster to build thanks to the bungee ropes as

L’Officiel India – Maxi Dresses Editorial

By |2018-03-28T15:36:08+02:00June 22nd, 2017|Studio News|

Produced in late 2016 Fashion editorial by Bela Raba , styled by Stephan Kallaus Produced by Alexander Papacosta and the Moi Ostrov Studio team Produced in Cyprus with Production Service from the Moi Ostrov Studio team   Moi Ostrov Studio is the leading photo and film production services company in Cyprus - Contact us for your

Russian Water TV Spot

By |2018-03-28T15:36:08+02:00March 7th, 2017|Studio News|

During the last 4 days the Moi Ostrov Studio and Red Storm Films crew who recently joined forced have been assisting a Russian production team in Cyprus in the production of a new TVC Spot for a new brand of Russian mineral water.   The production included several actors and was filmed with the Red