On Wednesday 27 September, the Cyprus Council of Ministers approved a filming incentives programme for the filming industry in Cyprus. The programme aims to attract international productions to Cyprus and includes incentives such as:

  • Up to 35% Cash Rebate on films and productions made in Cyprus
  • Tax credit from the Cyprus government for filming in Cyprus
  • Tax deduction on investments in production infrastructure and filming equipment
  • VAT refund for film production in Cyprus

Cyprus is an ideal filming location because of its rich history and culture, varied landscape, short distances, central location, safe environment and 325-345 days of sunshine per year. A large availability of skilled, multilingual professionals and production equipment is available from Moi Ostrov Studio. Our crew members and staff can assist you in English, Greek, Russian, French and Swedish.

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  1. Its unique geographical location in proximity to Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  2. Its ideal climate, combining sunshine and low rainfall
  3. A diverse landscape of natural coastal and mountain beauty, traditional villages and modern cities, all in close proximity
  4. Low crime rate and conditions of security
  5. Highly qualified workforce
  6. Professionals in the audiovisual field
  7. Great hospitality translated into satisfactory living conditions
  8. Excellent infrastructure, especially in the sector of telecommunications and other services
  9. Widespread use of English, Russian and other European languages



Cyprus Filming Incentives program in Greek (ppt)

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Cyprus Filming Incentives

Image from a recent TVC production with production service from Moi Ostrov Studio