Cyprus Weather

Days of Sunshine
Average Daytime Temperature
Average Hours of Daylight

Cyprus enjoys 340 days of sunshine each year making the island an optimal location for photography and film productions with the most stable weather conditions in Europe. Cyprus has a subtropical climate with very mild winters (on the coast) and warm to hot summers. Snow is possible only in the Troodos mountains in the central part of the island. Rain occurs mainly in winter, with summer being generally dry.

Cyprus Locations

Cyprus offers many excellent locations for both photo shoots and video productions, with a rich history Cyprus has everything from traditional villages snowy mountains and paradise like beaches.

The remaining powerful ruins of Kourion, Salamis, Amathus and Marion has been excavated by inspired archaeologists and are frequently visited by curious tourists. With the right permit, these historical places can become a great addition to your production.

The mountains of Troodos rise grandly above the scorching plains and coastal strips of Cyprus’ south, culminating in Mt Olympus, the country’s highest peak at 1952m. Snow covers the top of the mountain in January and February and for the rest of the year the tall pine treas makes you feel like you are walking through a grand Nordic forest.

Great pine trees spread through the whole mounting region of Troodos offering a Scandinavian summer forest feel throughout the season. A great escape from the Summer heat.

Picturesque roads from highways to single lane and dirt roads going through striking seashores with stunning landscapes. In Cyprus, you can find all types of roads for your feature film or photo production. Roads can be closed on request with your filming permit but in many areas for smaller productions, the most scenic roads are accessible without closing them off to the public. 

Cyprus has several Marinas varying in style from small picturesque fishing harbors to grant marinas with luxurious yachts.

Cyprus has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean sea ranging from pebble and black sand to gold and white sand paradise beaches.