New in stock in Cyprus – The static, square SUN-SCRIMs from Sunbounce.

The sunbounce 12×12 is a 3.6 meter square scrim / butterfly with a – 2/3 stop silk and light aluminium frame.

Unlike Mathews scrims and other traditional scrims the sunbounce scrim is lighter and faster to build thanks to the bungee ropes as supposed to the regular ropes that you need to tie manually all around the frame.

The sunbounce scrim mounts with sunbouncee grip heads and can be mounted on wind ups or C-stands.

We recommend a combo of at least 3 sandbags per Stand as Cyprus is usually quite windy in the afternoon with winds reaching 8 to 16 kt

The SUN-SCRIMS are closed, square, 2-dimensional frames selected for larger, mainly static objects or installations. They can be equipped with diffusing as well as reflecting SCREENS. They have been used in the film industry for a long time. They are relatively new in professional photography. SUNBOUNCE adapted the construction for most application and made it mobile.

Buy or rent it from Moi Ostrov Studio for your photo or film production in Cyprus – Moi Ostrov Studio is the official Sunbounce distributor for Cyprus

For more mobility, we also stock the Sun-Swatter which is a single boom operated 6×8 or 4×6 silk/scrim

above – The Sun-Swatter  –  mobile diffusion

The Sun Scrim 6×6 – 8×8 – 12×12 butterfly

The Sun Scrim for on location Green Screen or Blue Screen