Pricing Table for Photography and advertising campaign productions in Cyprus

On this page you will find pricing and rate card for photography, videography, styling modelling, make up, hair stylist, props, traveling, logistics, management, photo and video editing as well as our other services.

Standard Charge

  • Photography | Videography | Editing


  • 2-3 hours
  • Image toning
  • Event PR web and print
  • Image backup

On Location Shoot

  • +€45 per edited final image
  • Location equipment
  • Usage as per License
  • Image backup

Studio Campaign

  • +35 per edited final image
  • Studio rental included
  • Use as per license
  • Image backup


  • Toning included
  • up to 30 outfits
  • Studio rental included
  • Packshots included


  • MOQ 6
  • Editing included
  • HDR & Focus Stacking
  • Image backup

Notes on the pricing table

The pricing table is there for a guideline, for all projects we will give you an estimate before we start shooting, for specific team members and photographers there may be higher charges, the rates are valid for our local collaborators and our in house team.

For Product Photography, please see our dedicated pricing table here

For Video Productions, see the video production page, please click here to fill out the request form and let us know more about your project.

This is included

For larger projects, we assign an experienced production manager that will take care of your project from initial meetings to delivery of the final edited image.

We backup your project for a minimum of 12 months with Dropbox Pro after delivery and make sure to have your content always available online and accessible to you.

We will produce the paperwork for model, photographer and building releases for the production

This is extra

A great looking ad campaign does not look quite right without the right styling. Styling has a major impact on your photos so we suggest to always book one of our stylists for your project. Our stylists charge between 400 and 800 depending on the type of clothing and accessories required for the project.
We can help you cast and book models but the model fees are charged separately, if you chose international models keep in mind that all travel expenses will be added to your final bill
For a fashion shoot you will need a good make up artist and a great hair stylist. Good makeup artists and hair stylists charge between 150 and 500 Euro per day
Travel expenses are charged separately for our photo shoots for all team members. An estimate of the expenses as well as a final rapport is always created for each project. Travel expenses and catering for the team is added to your final invoice unless quoted otherwise.
Props for the shoot such as sports cars, luxury yachts or special backdrops are charged separately depending on the mood board and requests, However Moi Ostrov Studio has a wide network of affiliates and we can usually offer these all kinds of props at very favorable rates.
At most locations in Cyprus you can show up and shoot but we do recommend a location permit for all projects. Standard location permits cost between 350 to 750 euro per location in Cyprus. Without a location permit there is a risk of being asked to leave the set in which case there is no refund for the day rates of the team and talent and in some cases the window to shoot may be only one day due to team availability and weather.

We have served over 300 productions to date

All the above photos are produced by our team