In June 2016 we produced this surf / outdoor lifestyle catalog with Bela Raba in Cyprus.

The project was limited to photo production with the art direction for natural and sporty surf style looks.


Photographer: Bela Raba

Productio: Alexander Papacosta, Moi ostrov Studio

Assistants: Stanislav Lopatin, Lisa Staudacher.

Models: Alexandra Pianka, Balazs Lendvai, Farina De La Fontaine

MUA: Valentino Nicolaou


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Cyprus Production Service by Moi Ostrov Studio

for this production Moi Ostrov Studio provided location scouting and style consultation as well as equipment rental and Staff for the German based Bela Raba photography team, Moi ostrov offers both photo and video production service as well as full production solutions

This Berg Outdoor campaign was produced in the Summer of 2016


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