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  • Sunbounce – 12×12 Scrim – Rental

    From: 49.00  Excl. VAT
    • Frame
    • Screen
    • 2 x GRIP-HEAD
    • 50 TIES
    • Total size: 12' x 12' / 366 x 366 cm
    • Screen: 11.2' x 11.2' / 340 x 340 cm
  • The Sunbounce Sun Swatter pro is a 4x6 or 130x180cm scrim kit that is mobile and mounted on a boom pole included in this rental kit. Like the Westcott Scrim Jim this frame is easy to build and an excellent location solution for sunny places like Cyprus. The 2/3 stop silk included will cut out most of the light and give you ultimate light control. Pair is with the sunbounce pro frame for total control of your location lighting.
    • Soft White Interior
    • Deep Shape Provides More Precise Control
    • 16 Fiberglass Rods for Rounder Shape
    • Heat-Resistant Materials
    • Surface Treated to Prevent Rust
    • Carrying Bag
  • Sunbounce Griphead Enterprise

    From: 5.00  Excl. VAT
    he Enterprise Grip Head from Sunbounce offers an ideal way to mount all sizes (except 20 x 20' Sun-Scrim) of Sun-Bounce frames to a light stand. The grip head's tunnel clamps are two different sizes to accommodate the two sizes of tubing used by Sunbounce. It has a 5/8" (16 mm) receiver for standard "baby" stud mounts.
  • Sunbounce Scrim Pro Windkiller

    From: 11.00  Excl. VAT
    The 4x6' Sun-Bouncer Wind-Killer Mobile Pro Kit from Sunbounce is a wind blocker designed to aid the operators of wind-sensitive Steadicams. An assistant following along with a Wind-Killer can reduce the wind by 75% without a vacuum developing behind the screen. The Wind-Killer is also great for maintaining hair styles during windy weather.
  • Designed for the Sunbounce Sun-Bouncer Pro 4 x 6' frames, this Silver/White Reflector Screen is a versatile dual-sided reflector for controlling, modifying, and directing light. The front silver side is a highly reflective, plain silver that transmits incoming light in a neutral manner. The back is neutral white, and offers a softer quality of light with maintained color balance.
    • Zebra/White Reflector Screen
  • Frame Pro 130 x 190 cm

    From: 22.00  Excl. VAT