Aputure Light Storm LS C300d LED Kit – Rental

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The 300 Watt LED daylight with an output close to a 2K tungsten. Remote controlled and powered by AC or 2x V-Mount Batteries. Bowens mount allow you to mount any light shaping accessory such as softboxes, beauty fishes, strip lights and octas, barndoors and fresnels.



The Aputure Light Storm C300d LED Kit is an award winning light that boasts an advanced cooling system, an impressive 48000 lux illuminance, and a CRI of 95 (TLCI of 96). The chip-on-board LED design creates about 25% less heat than standard LED setups, allows for more energy efficiency, and produces greater light visibility. The output overall is comparable to a 2000W tungsten light.

This light is fan-cooled and features an intelligent temperature control system that varies the speed of the fans. Even at maximum speed, they are extremely quiet, allowing for use on set during quiet scenes. The control box is where you easily change brightness, remote channels, and fan speeds. It is separated from the light itself for better portability and weight distribution. On the other side of the control box you’ll find handy V-mount points for connecting 2 V-mount broadcast-style batteries (batteries rentable separately). Otherwise, this light just plugs into an AC outlet.

Control your light from up to 492′ away with the included wireless remote control. Also included is a standard reflector. The C300d uses a Bowens S-Type mount, which gives you a lot of options for light modifiers. The durable aircraft-grade aluminum body makes this light supremely durable. The Aputure Light Storm C300d LED Kit is ideal for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking.