They have an aspect ratio of 4:3.
The three -dimensional frame construction is just ultimate. Strong holding and handling grips are part of this unique construction.

The Kit Contains:

  • Frame
  • Screen
  • Shoulder sling bag

Screen Colour Variations:

1/3 Stop Silk:

reduces the hardness of the contrast, creates a wonderful medium-soft light/shadow contrast: Contrast reduction is between -1/5th and -2/3rd.

Colour: WHITE neutral without optical brightener.

2/3 Stop Silk:

reduces the contrast more than TRANSLUSCENT -1/3rd and makes wonderfully soft light. Good in combination with reflectors.

Colour: WHITE neutral without optical brightener

3/3 Stop Silk:

Strong contrast reduction. Creates very soft basic light, almost without contrast. Good in combination with reflectors and as lightbox diffuser.

Colour: WHITE neutral without optical brightener.


Data Sheet:

  • Total size: 6′ x 8′ / 180 x 245 cm
  • Reflecting surface: 158 x 234 cm / 5.7′ x 7.7′
  • Note: Side pockets with-3/3 are white