Sun Swatter Pro – Mobile Diffusion from Sunbounce Rental -2/3 Stop Silk Kit

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The Sunbounce Sun Swatter pro is a 4×6 or 130x180cm scrim kit that is mobile and mounted on a boom pole included in this rental kit. Like the Westcott Scrim Jim this frame is easy to build and an excellent location solution for sunny places like Cyprus. The 2/3 stop silk included will cut out most of the light and give you ultimate light control. Pair is with the sunbounce pro frame for total control of your location lighting.



The SUN-SWATTERs create a shadow that moves synchronously with the actors and models.  The unique SUN-SWATTERs can be recognised immediately because they look like a giant fly swatter hovering over the models. The contrast reducing SCREENs are held by a stable “U” -shaped aluminium frame, which is attached to a holding rod (BOOM-STICK) that can be adjusted in height. This construction provides mobility and a space-creating distance to the object. In mobile applications, the system is carried only by one assistant. A tripod is sufficient for static applications. The smart construction of the SUN-SWATTER is a further development of the SUNBOUNCE CLASSIC 3-D frame. The 3-dimensional “U” ensures that at least one side of the frame does not throw rod shadow.

The Sun Swatter Pro is 130x180cm and great for full body shots

For bigger diffusion solutions we offer the Sunbounce Big frame with diffusion fabrics measuring 6×8 foot or 260x180cm

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