Sunbounce 3D India Silver Sun Bouncer Big Screen Reflector (6 x 8) 180x240cm

485.46  Incl. VAT 19%

Textured Silver Reflective Front
Soft Light Fall-Off
Black Backing
For Sun Bouncer 6 x 8 Frame


Dedicated to the Sunbounce Sun Bouncer 6 x 8 frame, the 3D India Silver Big Screen Reflector is a dual-sided fabric reflector. The front features a unique textured, reflective silver face that produces a very direct quality of light with soft edges and fall-off for feathering control. The reverse side of the reflector is a neutral black to provide shading and help cut reflections and ambient light.

Product Specs

Sunbounce Sun-Bouncer Big Specs
Dimensions Total size: 6 x 8 / 1.8 x 2.4 m
Screen size: 5.7 x 7.7 / 1.6 x 2.3 m


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