Sunbounce Frame Pro 4×6 ft 130 x 190 cm – RENTAL

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Frame Pro 130 x 190 cm


The Sunbounce system consists of an aluminum frame that can be disassembled and combined with different reflecting, light-reducing, or light-absorbing screens. The Frame for Pro Sunbounce (4×6′) from Sunbounce is the lightweight (less than 4 lbs), stable, collapsible anodized aluminum frame for all Pro Sunbounce light modifiers (not included). The frame holds the screen taut, ensuring consistent light modification. Designed with a crossbar integrated into the frame so that it can be comfortably held in many different ways–by hand or by attaching it to a tripod. This hand-made frame folds to fit into an approximately 3 x 52″ (7.6 x 132 cm) carry bag (included). Reflector not included.