Sunbounce Wind-Killer Static Kit (4 x 6)

219.00  Incl. VAT 19%

Cuts Wind by 75%
Lightweight, Modular System


Sunbounces Wind-Killer Static Kit (4 x 6) is an unparalleled location device–a screen designed to minimize the ill effects of wind on photo, film or video shoots, allowing you to shoot when and where you want to. This 4 x 6 (130 x 190 cm) screen is set up using the two included stands to cut 75% of the wind, leaving no more than a moderate breeze. Ideal for any location photography.
Extreme stability–the Wind-Killer can be quickly disassembled and the support poles are extremely stable
Top-quality materials–all screens are manufactured using the worlds most high-quality materials
Reliability–the Sunbounce system makes even strong wind manageable
Mobility–the system can be quickly disassembled and is so light that you can take it anywhere

Product Specs

Sunbounce Wind-Killer Specs
Dimensions 4 x 6 (130 x 190 cm)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 47.2 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 46 x 6.5 x 3″


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