Moi Ostrov Studio Production Services Cyprus

Moi Ostrov Studio undertakes production services in Cyprus catering for small jobs as well as large international production. Cyprus offers a steady climate with easy access being a member of the EU since 2004. Cyprus enjoys 340 days of sunshine per year with comfortable working conditions and daytime temperatures staying over 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Moi Ostrov Studio has access to movie extras as well as qualified crew all over the island as well as props from old motorcycles to luxury Azimut super yachts. The leading Production Services Cyprus provider

The Power of Affiliated Media

Moi Ostrov Studio is part of Moi Ostrov Ltd which also operates one of the biggest media houses in Cyprus as well as a digital marketing agency giving us the opportunity to access more locations, people, props and places thanks to our large customer and partner base. We utilize our commercial and political connections to insure a cost effective, professional and smooth production service.


Why Cyprus  – Production Services Cyprus

Cyprus is accessible with over 2,600,000 arrivals per year, English is spoken throughout the island, locals have a friendly and helpful attitude making the workflow easy, location permits are easy and relatively cost effective to apply for if done in time. Production Services in Cyprus are affordable.

Locations – Production Services Cyprus

Cyprus features some of the most diverse landscape for it’s size with pine tree covered mountains, paradise beaches and desert landscapes always accessible with an hours drive.

Crew – Production Services Cyprus

Moi Ostrov offers it’s in house crew as well as carefully selected and tested affiliated crew

Studio – Production Services Cyprus

Moi Ostrov Studios operate three studio locations and a location house in Cyprus. From small 100 sqm studios to warehouses.

Equipment – Production Services Cyprus

Rent or buy, Moi Ostrov Studio stocks the most popular gear, heavy duty c stands, grips, claps, diffusion materials, generators, portable strobes, reflector panels and butterflies, everything you could possibly need for your film production, fashion editorials or campaign.

Production Services Cyprus

Moi Ostrov Studio – Production Services Cyprus  is dedicated to delivering all the local film and photo production service needs required of international production companies, commercial film directors, leading advertising agencies and fashion editors when producing television commercials, brand films, viral videos, magazine fashion and beauty editorials and more for our multi-platform world.

We provide all the means to accomplish the most ambitious studio shoots in Cyprus. We also shoot on location across the Cypriot island with an ethnically diverse and talented cast to deliver on briefs calling for a wide range of settings from around the world in all seasons.  We ensure Cyprus lives up to your expectations, Cyprus is the new hot-spot of television, commercial and fashion photo production in Europe.

Fully staffed our offices and studios in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos are strategically positioned Production Services locations covering the whole island to facilitate commercial film production in Cyprus with locally supplied crew and equipment working under 340+ days of sunshine a year.  Our location managers and production managers in Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca and Protaras boost our capacity to optimize local resources at all popular shoot locations in Cyprus to get the most out of your available budget.

Work with us in the early stages of development to draft a production plan that delivers on your brief and within your budget.  Our comprehensive experience at managing talent castings, location scouting & permitting, film crew and equipment hire, production logistics and all parts of shooting in Cyprus is at your disposal.  Make us the local part of your team and you can relax and rest assured that everything is taken care of every step of the way in your production.


Production Service Cyprus