Aputure 300X – The Bi-Colour Single point light source is finally here.

The Light Storm 300X is Aputure’s latest point-source LED and is the first bi-color (2700K-6500K) Bowens Mount light fixture to be compatible with optical lens modifiers.

!!EMBARGO!! – The official release date for the Aputure LS 300X in Europe is April 23rd, 2020,  it’s not allowed to sell and deliver/ship Aputure LS 300X before this date (23/04/2020) – !!EMBARGO!!

The Aputure LS 300X has some amazing features:

  • 2700K-6500K Tunable White Point
  • Bowens-S Mount
  • Compatible with Lensed Optical Modifiers (e.g., Fresnel 2X, Spotlight)
  • Up to 56,000+ lux with the Fresnel 2X
  • CRI & TLCI scores of 95+
  • SSI Scores Higher Than The Industry Standard. Tungsten SSI: 85; D55 SSI: 74
  • Smooth 0%-100% Dimming Control
  • 9 Built-in FX w/ CCT Control
  • Sidus Mesh Technology
  • Compatible with Sidus Link App & 2.4Ghz Remote