Available now, the new impressive D2 monolights with TTL and HSS, 20 flashes per second and 1/63,000 sec flash duration in freeze mode. up to 20 Flashes per second

Combine it with BatPac and take it on location for your shoots where performance and recharge times are crucial or use it in studio to unleash your creativity and freeze any motions


  • 500Ws Monolight, 300W Modeling Lamp
  • Built-In AirTTL Radio Receiver
  • 0.03-0.6 Sec Recycling
  • 1/63,000 Sec Freeze Mode Flash Duration
  • Quick Burst: Up to 20 Frames per Second
  • 10-Stop Power Range: 1-500Ws
  • High Speed Sync to 1/8000 Sec
  • High Resolution Display
  • Compatible with 120+ Light Shaping Tools
  • 100-240 VAC
  • Shoot on location with the BatPac with full output recycling at 1.2 sec and up to 700 shots.

Add the TTL-C or TTL-N Air remote for HSS and TTL support at up to 300 meters